While treating menopause can be tricky, the team at Lily of the Valley has had great success in providing relief to their patients.

Effective management of menopause begins during perimenopause—when estrogen levels drop and women may begin to experience a range of symptoms. Lily of the Valley's approach is all-encompassing preventive care such as mammograms and periodic pap smears, weight management, and treating menopause-related health issues. This includes hormonal replacement therapy, diagnosis and treatment of post-menopausal bleeding, and treatment for UI, which tends to affect postmenopausal women more frequently.

As every woman is different, so are their menopause symptoms, whether they be hot flashes, insomnia, weight changes, or reduced libido.

Dr. Garza knows that one treatment doesn't fit all and has found that by taking the time to listen to his patients and get to know them, he can continue to successfully assist patients in overcoming perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Additionally, the team stays up-to-date on the latest menopausal and hormonal therapies through research conducted in-house.

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